Mouth Full of Human Head

by Dinophilia

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released January 13, 2013




Dinophilia Los Angeles, California

Born out of the primordial ooze of the infant earth, we have long observed the rise and fall of life on this planet, just as one watches the crash and recession of the tide. Billions of years of tireless study have yielded the obvious result: life peaked with the dinosaur. Consider our art a pitiful attempt to preserve their legacy in sonic form: songs about dinosaurs, for dinosaurs, by dinosaurs. ... more

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Track Name: Run For Your Life, Alan Grant
I understand that there are dinosaurs
On your dinosaur tour, is that correct?
If only chaos theory could have predicted
The carnage that would happen next
A power outage and a little storm
Was all that it took to set them free
Now they’re crushing everything in sight
Looking to gobble up you and me

Alan Grant you better run for you life
(Ellie the doorlocks! Ellie the doorlocks!)
If you want to make it through the night
(Ellie the doorlocks! Ellie the doorlocks!)
You spent your life digging up their bones
(Ellie the doorlocks! Ellie the doorlocks!)
Now this island has become their home
(Ellie the doorlocks! Ellie the doorlocks!)

Mr. Hammond said that this place would be
A petting zoo, an amusement park
But now deadly creatures are surrounding you
lurking about in the stormy dark
While you took the kids and outran the rex
Sammy J made a plan to bring the power back
But he couldn’t outsmart the velociraptors
Those clever girls made him a dino snack

They bred raptors and tyranosaurs
(Ellie the doorlocks! Ellie the doorlocks!)
Galimimus and even more
(Ellie the doorlocks! Ellie the doorlocks!)
See them flocking like a pack of birds
(Ellie the doorlocks! Ellie the doorlocks!)
Their gonna eat you, no more time for words

What about the Lysine Contingency?
This is Unix! I know this!
That is one big pile of shit.
Jeeze! I hate this hacker crap!

You’ll escape this place before long
(Ellie the doorlocks! Ellie the doorlocks!)
To a touching John Williams song
(Ellie the doorlocks! Ellie the doorlocks!)
But right now you better watch your ass
(Ellie the doorlocks! Ellie the doorlocks!)
Look out they’re breaking through the glass!
(Ellie the doorlocks! Ellie the doorlocks!)
Track Name: No Fur, No Feathers
Don’t want your fur
Don’t want your feathers
Just want to eat
Your friends forever

I’ve got huge claws
Razor sharp teeth
Your blood is warm
Makes better meat

Think you’re so cool
‘Cause you survived
The ball of flame
Fell from the skies

Fuck evolution
Fuck Charles Darwin
He won’t last long
When I come chargin’

This isn't evolution
This is a revolution
This isn't evolution
This is a revolution

We don’t know what evolution is for
We just want to be dinosaurs
We wanna do what dinosaurs do
We’re gonna make a meal out of you

Now you’ve got buildings
And shiny cars
The internet
Electric guitars

That’s all you’ve got?
Who gives a fuck?
I’m tough as nails
Big as a truck

‘Cause mammals suck
And birds suck
Amphibians suck
And really, humans suck
Everything sucks!

Now check your dates
our time has past
No perfect thing
Was meant to last

Extinction strikes
Before we die
Hear our roar
Open your eyes
Track Name: Mastur Rex
My arms are short but my dick is long
So listen to my masturbation song
I rule the whole dinosaur kingdom
But I can’t even make myself cum

All of you vegans with your long fucking necks
Don’t think I don’t know what you do with that shit
You think it isn’t hard up here on my throne
While I’m eating your problems can’t take care of my bone
Track Name: Velociraptors
Velociraptors tearing
A cocaine blowjob tornado
A vicious explosion rape

Velociraptors tearing
Raping with their dicks hard like talons
Attached to their feet
They have feet dicks

We are the sexual omnipresence of the dinosaur
We have traveled 65 million years through time
To make fuck upon your mammalian women
And men

We are dinosaurs
But we are also something more
Get naked so we can fuck