Dinosaur the Song

from by Dinophilia

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Don’t need my blood to keep me warm
(That's for those pussy mammals)
I don’t need wings to make my fly
(What do you think I am, a gay little bird or something?)
Don’t need a car to pick up my girl
(Ah he know she like me anyway)
Don’t need reason to tell you why
(It's all instinct, baby)

Don’t you think it’s just a little strange
How the little pink ones think that we should have changed
All the scientists want to get involved
Try to tell us all how we should have evolved

I don’t need gills to breathe the water
(Like I'm some little guppy or some shit?)
Don’t need breasts to feed my kids
(I ain't in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition)
They tell you how the meteors killed us
(Ya nigga those were from rocks from space)
But everybody else just ran and hid
('Cuz you're bitches, you're little bitches, y'all're bitches)


from Mouth Full of Human Head, released January 13, 2013




Dinophilia Los Angeles, California

Born out of the primordial ooze of the infant earth, we have long observed the rise and fall of life on this planet, just as one watches the crash and recession of the tide. Billions of years of tireless study have yielded the obvious result: life peaked with the dinosaur. Consider our art a pitiful attempt to preserve their legacy in sonic form: songs about dinosaurs, for dinosaurs, by dinosaurs. ... more

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